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This Mom's Pick: Why you need Packing Cubes with Labels

What are Packing Cubes?

Packing Cubes are rectangular shaped bags that fit inside your luggage. They are meant to compress your clothes, allowing you to fit more in your suitcase.


Packing Cubes come in different sizes. I’ve tried them all. The best size is the large because it means less bags to manage when unpacking.  You don’t even need to unpack! When you get to the hotel, you can simply put the packing cubes directly in the drawer.  It will help keep your clothes clean, since drawers at hotels probably don’t get cleaned often. 


Expensive vs Cheap Packing Cubes

I’m a mother of two kids, ages 1 & 3. I mentioned earlier that I’ve tried many packing cubes. I have found that the cheaper ones (typically under $20 for a set) usually either rip, or the zipper gets caught. I spent more time fussing with the zipper and knew I needed something better. 

I then tried the more expensive packing cubes (typically over $32 for a set of only 3).  While the material feels good and the zipper doesn’t get caught, what I didn’t like is that I couldn’t tell what I packed and for which kid. Sure, I could have bought each member of my family our own set of colors, but who wants to spend hundreds of dollars doing this, only to be left with more packing cubes then I need?

There had to be a better way. And that’s why Packing Cubes with Labels are essential.

Packing Cube with Labels

Packing Cube with Labels help identify what is inside the packing cube and for which person it belongs. The Hello Jolie Packing Cube has all of the elements that an expensive packing cube has and more.  The material is lightweight and sturdy; the zipper doesn’t get caught in the seam; and it has a label window so that I don’t have to buy 28 packing cubes for my family of four! 

Packing Cubes

Ways to use Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are not limited to traveling. We use our packing cubes daily and take them with us wherever we need to bring a change of clothes. Because it has a handle, it’s easy to take around.  Here are some places that we take our packing cubes:

  • Pre-school or daycare
  • Amusement Park
  • Beach
  • Pool
  • Soccer Practice
  • Shopping
  • Gym

Packing Cube with Label | Hello Jolie

We replaced our diaper bag with the Hello Jolie Packing Cube because it was easier to find everything we needed. One cube can hold: 6 diapers, changing pad, wipes, and a change of clothes. It compresses it all down and since it has a handle, we hang it on our stroller when we’re out and about.

What are some ways you like to use packing cubes?

These packing cubes can be purchased online at and on

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  • Jennifer Brommer

    This packing cubes are amazing!! I cannot wait for our next family trip in a few weeks to try them out! I love the labeling system….!

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